UK & Commonwealth

20mm WW2

All our vehicles, artillery, and figures are for use with 20mm scale wargames figures. They are all intended for wargames use and so are designed to be handled and not to be too fragile. At the same time we have tried hard to not let this limit the accuracy or detail.

The range of vehicles is designed to be, as close as possible, ready to paint. This means that they need little or no assembly and nearly all are already on a textured base. All vehicles have been hand finished so will have little or no 'flash' to remove or air bubbles to fill. To make painting easier the resin used is a very dark brown/black colour, so providing its own shadows.

The artillery are also designed to need as little assembly as possible. The gun may be a single resin piece, in the case of the 75mm infantry gun. Others may have the trails, wheels and textured base as a single resin piece and then the barrel etc. as one metal piece and the shield as another.

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