Brig Brig

Welcome to Pirate Ships, the website for 28mm Pirates in need of a new ship.

The Brig is now available. It comes with 4 cannon for the poop deck and there are the barrels of 4 more poking out of their ports at the stern.

For those just starting out there is the Whaler, more than ready for sneaking up on the unsuspecting Merchantman moored in harbour. For the more ambitious there's the Pinnace or Small Sloop, with space for a few Cannon or a larger crew. If your ready to take on bigger fish then there is the large Sloop with even more space for Cannon and Crew.

For the Far East there is now available a Junk.

All these are now available and waiting for their new (dis)honest owner. The prices for delivery have now been added to the Ordering page.

Other vessels in the dockyard are a Brig and a small Sloop. Both have been delayed by the Junk, if you are interested in either then please mail me to get me to hurry up!

In the armoury Pirate Cannon, Dragon Cannon, and Navy Cannon are now ready for their first broadsides.

All our vessels are cast in polyester resin. The resin used is a very dark brown/black colour, so providing its own shadows. For ships with masts cut lengths of dowel are included.

If you have any comments, requests, or suggestions please send me a note.

Pirate Ships Cannon Large Sloop