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Welcome to the Minimi Miniatures web site.

Due to having to move our casting facilities a number of times over the last two years and having limited space we have had many problems in supply. We apologise for the long delays to our customers during this time.

We are currently looking into a number of options to return Minimi to it's previous high standards of production and speed of ordering. We are hoping to announce these changes in the next few months.

Until these changes have been put into place we will, unfortunately, be unable to accept any orders.

Minimi Miniatures produce a high quality range of affordable WWII 20mm vehicles, 20mm and 28mm boats, and 28mm, 20mm, and 15mm terrain for wargamers. There is also a range of 28mm scale Pirate Ships.

The most recent additions to the range are the following 20mm vehicles.

The range of vehicles is designed to be, as close as possible, ready to paint and use. This means that they need little or no assembly and nearly all are already on a textured base. All vehicles have been hand finished so should have little or no 'flash' to remove. To make painting easier the resin used is a very dark brown/black colour, so providing its own shadows.

Minimi Miniatures